Join together with inspirational leaders to impact higher learning and leadership in the 21st century. Discover engaging strategies that fuse the areas of rigorous instruction, motivation, and achievement to produce transformational results—and prepare students to excel in school, college, and their careers.

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Hear from These Dynamic Leaders:

  • Dr. Robyn JacksonBoard-certified master teacher, university professor, and researcher Dr. Jackson has made numerous presentations on equity, access, and rigor for underrepresented students.

  • Dr. Robert BrooksAuthor, psychologist, and Harvard Medical School faculty member Dr. Brooks offers realistic and practical strategies for nurturing motivation, learning, and resilience in students while diminishing anger and resistance.

  • Ken WilliamsAs a former administrator, Mr. Williams has firsthand experience transforming a challenged school environment. His action-oriented presentations inspire hope, create a clear vision, and offer realistic strategies to take schools to the next level.